Video Clips Troubleshooting For Mac Users

Dear Mac Users,

If you are unable to view one of HWEA's video clips, please read the following message.

The file format for the video clips is WMV format (Windows Media Video). You will
need the Flip4Mac WMV Plug-in, which allows a Mac user to play a WMV file in Quick Time both
online in a web page or offline in Quick Time player.
Here is a step-by-step instruction.
1. Download and Install Flip4Mac at
2. Visit a video clip web page of this web site.
3. Instead of playing directly on the web page, click on "Launch in External Player" below the embedded video window.
4. A new browser window will appear, and the video will begin to load in an embedded Quick Time player.
5. Click on the play icon in this new window, and the video will begin to play.

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